Who are we?

POC Ministries is focused on preparing men to understand adversity and to face it head-on to Persevere, Overcome, and Conquer.

  • Our slogan is “Faith-Based Battle-Tested” because it is the key to walking in victory.
  • POC Ministries is a non-profit, collection of believers in North Alabama spanning multiple churches, companies, non-profits, and small groups to unify and join arms to POC.
  • Through strategic partnerships, we can simply do more.
  • We want to see companies of all sizes invest into a ministry that produces the kinds of leaders they want in their business places and serve the greater community in a way that they want to serve their customers.
  • We want to see churches of all sizes and faith based no-profits partner as the CHURCH to make a difference and build a stronger and more God honoring community.

Hard Truth

We will suffer like Christ suffered. 

The Good News

There is hope in Christ! He has overcome death to ensure that we will have eternal life.